Liquid Butter Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I was lucky and got a batch of freshly "churned", Liquid Butter from SCSA dispensary. I took a small bud and broke it up the old fashioned way by using my fingers...and, yes, I smelled my fingers. They had a citrus odor with a hint of pine; a very pleasant odor. If I had a pound or two of Liquid Butter, I'd rub it all over my body...every nook and cranny. I lit the bowl, and took three big hits. I can now underst...”

  • “Fantastic strain with zesty smell and mellow high. Consistency is impeccable, with light crumbly chunks and a refreshing aftertaste. Recommended for night time or late afternoon chillin'.”

  • “Liquid Butter not my favorite indica but still a good high. On exhaling I tasted very strong notes of pine. Taking a big hit made my mouth taste like I had pine needles that had been sitting in melted butter. I wouldn't smoke this on a day I need to be up and going as it definitely brought me right back to my bed. I used this for nausea and falling back asleep. However what this strain did for me the next day was gre...”

  • “This is my favorite Indica, so far ;) It is the only one that helps me sleep.”

  • “Absolutely wonderful smooth indica. The high is a warm golden light that hugs you. I am not an indica person but this is quite enjoyable. Head a little spacey but nothing too psychedelic. Am surprised this strain is not more well known. Oh it is as smooth as anything I have ever smoked.”

  • “Great for anxiety and fantastic sleep aid. Havent slept this great in years.”

  • “I enjoy how hard to choose a top shelf strain can be at times. Every time I suggest some of the best strains that I have acquired, I always think of liquid Butter. The first best part about it is, When you tell someone they always ask how you made it. Nope, this is tasty smoke. The buds had trichomes as big as salt crystals. The very smell of the flower even reminds you of hot liquid butter. Growers defiantly gave pr...”

  • “If you're looking for a sleep aid, this is your med. Comes on fast and bring instant relaxation. VERY smooth to smoke.”