Locomotion Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “It's a very awake indica that leads you down rabbit holes of creativity. It's a social high, yet it's nice to just chill alone with too. Overall it's a very euphoric high. It doesn't give you mad munchies , but salty sunflower seeds are perfect snack.”

  • “Great strain took a 2 rip out of a gravity bong with my girlfriend and friend and got high asf. Great mind clearer, gets you to laugh, and might be a couch locker.”

  • “Very sedating ! Makes you talkative but the dry mouth is atrocious 😩 have a beverage near!!”

  • “blew my brain, considering my one brain...”

  • “I honestly think this should be classified as a hybrid. For me it provides a perfect balance to the cerebral high and the full body relaxation. The taste is a sweet earthy diesel. Strong sour diesel aroma. Overall the high comes quick and then mellows out. I didn't get sleepy which I was hoping for. It would be a nice strain to have around after a long work day to relax but not be out asleep 1hr later. Perhaps if you...”

  • “it's extreamly potent. 10 out of 10 I would smoke it again.”

  • “A little goes a long way!”

  • “A nice happy, dreamy high.”