Love Potion #9 Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Just this from All Greens and WOW its REALLY good the Flavor is excellent the effect is very mellow but very pleasant and not overwhelming....:)”

  • “If you want something that if you hit it light you can get a lot of things done,or hit it medium to watch a movie or play video games ,a little more and good nite . I'am a heavy loooong time smoker and it gets me tour up with just a little after grinding it. ALL GREENS in young town is my new spot love it .this is a big HEAD high”

  • “Every time I make a trip to a dispensary, I make a point of trying something new...but I may have found a new favourite. Took a hit as soon as I got home and the grogginess and discomfort I had from a long walk home cleared up almost instantly. This is a sweet smelling bud smells infinitely better once busted (I stopped to "smell the roses" because it's so pretty). It's delicate scent paired with a mild smoke makes i...”

  • “I was so bummed because I tried this strain because I thought it'd have similar effects to love portion #1. this one is just relaxing, but with a very roller coaster head feel. Not very good for hanging out, as all the jokes are suddenly unfunny, but this would be good for some yoga, art, or other personal relaxing experience”

  • “it was a pretty nice bud, to be honest. it got me decently stoned, and really did help calm my back down. (I have 2 vertebrae out of place) I can really appreciate the flavour and smell of this bud, as they are both quite citrusy and smooth. bong rips are a piece of cake with this strain, and it's quite relaxing and calming.”

  • “Absolutely fantastic.”

  • “Nice and sour skunky and powerful, nugs dense af”

  • “Wow. Powerfully good.”