M-39 Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “The worst weed you can find in Montreal - it's notoriously poorly grown, has very little smell or taste, minimal trichomes and just lacks everything from strength to bag appeal. It's a very common strain here but it's really just for kids who don't have a clue and to rip off tourists. If you have a need to try our local strains Jean Guy is a nice widow/skunk cross, but frankly go west young and old potheads, go west....”

  • “i am from quebec and problem with this strain is 99% of the time it's not grow correctly but when it grow properly as a child of northern light and skunk its can be very potent very sweet compact bud”

  • “M-39: for me, this is my anti-Hulk medicine, it feels as if the anxiety/anger/frustration, just melts, dissipates, and things don't bug me nearly as much. It takes away the compulsion to hulk-smash anything when anger (PTSD) gets to be too much.”

  • “This batch I got is quite good, really surprising because I'm not a fan of M39 generally, the buzz of this one was different from all other M39, very pleased”

  • “I've just got some M39 from a new dealer. I don't usually like the stuff because 95% of it is not grown properly, the buds being dried too early and not trimmed very well. But I must admit that this is very good M39. The buds are humongous, dense, frosty and covered in hairs. The distinctive wheat smell blows my nose away and the smoke is actually really smooth, contrary to most other M39 specimens I've smoked. Th...”

  • “not a very good strain in my opinion, I had to smoke ALOT in order to just feel buzzed.”

  • “High Yield Commercial strain in our area and give quite a punch for a strain usually considered mid-low range, very compact, trichomes very present with a lot of red hairs, smells like wheat due to its method of production, has a soft smoke with notes of peanut butter and fall aroma. Works wonders for stress and insomnia treatment. In my experience one of the most enjoyable high's when wanting to be creative and/or ...”

  • “Awesome Canadian strain. Great taste, relaxing high.”