Mad Scientist Reviews

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  • “Amazing! My wife suffers from Lupus which causes horrible headaches and body aches. She went from unable to move, forced to lay flat, to walking around and sitting up. I love when I find a strain that really helps with her pain. Thank you!!!”

  • “Now the given name "Mad Scientist" makes sooooo much sense! Given the strain boasts about it's ability to help with insomnia, it actually had an opposite affect on me. It CAUSED insomnia. I couldn't sleep! The electricity in my brain had my thoughts pinging from one end to another. I couldn't hush them to save my life! I genuinely thought I was going mad! The strain touches on it's ability, minimally, to spark cr...”

  • “My experience is with TJ's Mad Scientist, which is organically grown in Oregon. This is, at this time, my favorite strain on the planet! It smells soooo good and is very strong. The feeling is extremely whole body and leaves me feeling very relaxed but still alert and happy! I am learning that buying just based on THC content is not necessarily the way to go, as the trichome development, and cannabinoids and terpenes...”

  • “super delicious beautiful looking but beautiful color frosty color on top coated”

  • “Very down to earth and centered. Creates a real feeling of wonder and amazement. Great strain if you want to feel spiritual. As a side note, this strain produces the biggest nugs I have ever seen... Some weighing over 6 grams.”

  • “didnt realize i was writing a review...thought i was texting the @ dude that gave me this stuff...dis some good stuff”

  • “Such a pretty strain~ Flavorful, too. This is one for those people who wanna settle down with some nice warm coffee before bed. This stuff will make you feel sleepy and warm~”

  • “Body and head .... Great for pain”