Madagascar Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “great to mix with edibles, mildly euphoric, very relaxing, great weed to smoke and chill”

  • “Doesn't last long, bad flavor and smell.”

  • “Very euphoric and happy high. Leaves you kind of stress free and relaxed after about 20 minutes or so the fatigue sits in. other than that it is a nice mellow high.”

  • “At first I didn't think it was a real strain, but low a is. & a very unique strain at that, mostly in colour [which is green&orange] and the particularly strong and overwhelming onset of this Indica. It has that 'burnout' factor that won't go unnoticed. Who ever grew this batch didn't do the best job as it seems to be just a bit old and dry. More is to be around within the next few days so hopefully I can ...”

  • “amazing for bedtime!!”

  • “Crystal covered, strong pine smelling nuggets that relax the body 😃”

  • “Got to see some real nugs this time around, they have a very unique green to them, the hairs are dark reddish brown and the smell is funky, it stays skunky while maintaining an interesting nutty fragrance to it. The burnout effect is unavoidable with this strain, it's specifically a night time smoke. So what did I do? Smoked it before I went to my second job, I just told everyone that I hadn't been sleepin...”