Maple Leaf Indica Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “my favorite indica, makes you feel like warm melting butter, one bowl put me to sleep even though i usually have to take like 3 wax hits to sleep. great for insomnia, extreme stress relief, muscle tightness, nerve pain. i havent tried it in the daytime.”

  • “One of the first legendary strains, in my opinion, I tried. I understand highly what it means when they say, "if enjoyed too much, can bring on a deep sleep". Me and my girl got a bag of this stuff, smelled amazing and was sticky like syrup. Got home, packed my favourite Yoda bong with a fat bowl, hit it, put a bowl for my girl and she hit it. The high, I would like to note here, is almost immediate, but once it st...”

  • “Solid strain! mixed it with another indica and knocked me out! Also very nice taste to it”

  • “Great!!! Super chill and relaxed after a rough day!”

  • “DANK!!! Strong aroma, beautiful to look at, covered in white crystals. Smokes well and tastes fine but causes major cottonmouth. After a single bowl my whole body felt relaxed, after 3 bowls I melted into the couch. Perfect for pain relief of any kind, insomnia, and even anxiety!”

  • “Instantly melts your body into a feel-good Jell-O but you are in control. Instantly relaxed stress anxiety believed in overall feeling of well-being this is a great strain”

  • “Insomnia has been a problem but not with this strain. Maple Leaf Indica has a purpose and seems to deliver everytime!”

  • “Helped all symptoms to do with colitis - nausea, pain, appetite, anxiety and stress. Really great for depression also. Heavy couch locking body buzz with a strong uplifting and creative head high. Perfect for late afternoon and evening time, would love to try this herb again”