Mars OG Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Such a fun strain! But don't plan to do anything important on it. Within 10 minutes of smoking this strain i had lost my keys, phone and shoes. It was just a chain of losing things and searching for them. Once I was able to locate everything I settled into a relaxing and cerebral high. Definitely out of this world!”

  • “Name: Mars OG From: RE-UP (Dispensary – Garden Grove Looks: Very big, dense, dark green nugs. High flower to leaf ratio which always makes for good smoke. Smell: Like a diesel truck farted. Very pungent kush aroma mixed in. Strong stuff for sure. Taste: Great. Very hashy flavor that makes you cough a bit with every hit. Buzz Type: This is the kind of high I love. Almost immediately you know you are ba...”

  • “Mars OG in concentrate form is the most potent, serious indica I have ever tried. If you ever want to understand the true meaning of stoned, pick some up. I found that it relieved anxiety, stress, and sadness, bringing clarity to situations I've been dealing with. Downsides: extreme cotton mouth,”

  • “Wow... This one is great! You feel like your head is in the clouds but you feel no pain. You are fixed to one spot with this one and time goes by really slow. I was getting a glass of water and it felt like time stood still and it took forever to fill up my glass full of water. Note: the effects of this strain lasts a long time. The effects are happy and just all around good feeling. I use this 2 hours before I go t...”

  • “Mars is one of my favorite planetary strains, along with Earth, Jupiter, Pluto, Planetary.....hell, they're all great! Anyway, Mars OG features a potent, fuel-like OG Kush taste and smell that has made it so famous in the last decade. The high is longer lasting than most strains and slightly more intense for that matter.”

  • “This Mars (REDBEE) is great for people who can smoke a lot.. Every time you take a hit, it's always the same feeling ( first hit of the day) always.. High last for about 2hour strong by the 4th hour it feel very relaxing and you can keep a cool with others. By the 6th hour it's starts to come off (like a sleepy feeling).. Thanks for reading if you like@ then I will write another.. REDBEE-D1E”

  • “Sooo heavy, it's wonderful. Truly a knockout strain.”

  • “Smoked a few bowls of this got to a 9. Everything was interesting, slow motion, very very good high. Will buy again when possible.”