Master Bubba Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Dense Indica Nug, cloudy trichome coverage. Vaporized .09 providing a physically relaxing experience, thoughts were calm and controlled. Heavy appetite stimulant! Happy.Hungry.Sleepy.”

  • “A bud that is great for when you need to rest.”

  • “Bubba-D ( bubba x dynamite )...I love this strain for its relaxing, but not spacey effect. I suffer from PTSD and Adult ADHD and this one helps me focus better. I feel no sense of anxiety either. Def one of my faves.”

  • “A very sleeeepy stone. Great for after a long day of work, or mellowing out that stress and anxiety in order to get a full night of sleep. One of the more unique strains I've tried In the Kush ocean. Definitely my new night cap smoke!”

  • “Bubba Master is a super strong indica that will definitely knock you out. It hits quick and gives you a body high and major couch lock for a few hours. Pace yourself with this stuff. It's good for relieving pain and stress. When you need to get to sleep and nothing else works, smoke some Bubba.”

  • “Being a huge fan of indicas, this is my favorite Indica by far! The nugs are a kiefy, tight light green, with some orange hairs. The smoke is a smooth pull, and isn't too harsh on the throat. The high of this strain is amazing it's a very Stoney, body high with a focus mind along with a nice euphoria sense!”

  • “This chronic put be on my @ss lol. definitely good couch potatoe weed or something to smoke at night time. helps with my back pain. i wouldn't really wanna smoke this weed during the day though, it makes me real lazy and non-productive haha.”

  • “Master Bubba hits the nail right in the coffin.. The kushy flavor with just enough cerebral effects to take my vote for the best Kush ever !!”