Mazar I Sharif Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Great pain med has the flavor of great cigar draws real mild with a nice piney background. It is a hard hitter relaxes you without turning into a couch potato, I actually went out to garage and worked on a wood project pain free. Slept great after. Best all around pain med I have found in years.”

  • “Extremely heavy indica! For the first time I am what others have said, but never truly experienced this Couch-Lock! Even typing these keys feel odd to me. Its a strain thats hard to get. The last I ever seen this was 4 years ago and it was only dust since it was a showcase strain. I find mazar to be a very different body high altogether, a lot of my family has said it feels like you're drunk. I also notice purple out...”

  • “Tried from a dispensary in downtown Denver. The high was extremely psychedelic and spiritual in nature however; so much so that I would not recommend consuming in a crowded public setting or driving as the overwhelmingness of this bud can quickly lead to paranoia. Somehow this powerful hybrid manages to retain the "more real than real" euphoria and relaxation of an Indica and the anxiousness of a low CBD Sativa: a ve...”

  • “One of, if not, the most potent strains found on this planet. The medicinal qualities of this tasty strain waft of hashish and a semi-sweet, mild, but very pleasant, herbaceous fragrance. The medicinal qualities paralyze the body with a narcotic, THC cloud pillow—losing the majority of nociception from my neck down through my toes—while forgetting that I even had a body! This strain's effect upon my consciousness was...”

  • “WOW!!!! Tried this strain in Barcelona at a cannabis club and my mind was BLOWN!!! For starters the nugs are glorious;dense, sticky as can be, balanced. I smoked two joints of this and went to the F.c Barcelona game with my friend. Lets just say that 2 hours went by and we had no idea!!!!! This is unlike any cannabis i've ever had. The NARCOTIC EFFECTS are off the charts and make you feel as if you maybe took somethi...”

  • “my first review,so cant quite figure how to do the 1 thru 5 ratings in effects section.....I have been familiar with this strain since early 80s in northern ca--REAL northern ca. emerald triangle--and have seen some EXTREMELY talented growers/breeders improve upon it over the years while staying true to the origins which probably go back thousands of years in the hands of master may not be in rap songs...”

  • “Relaxing and good for partying”

  • “WONDERFUL !!!!! this is a very good strain for heavy smokers with a higher tolerance to bud :-) this beauty puts me in a heavily relaxed state which also helps me sleep very well ! one of the best strains I have ever tried !!”