Misty Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I was very pleased with this strain. My dealer said it is og kush crossed with misty and hawaiin snow. The buds are dense sticky and smell very strongly of citrus. I have to keep this in a glass jar because the smell is very pungant. The high the strain provided me was very pleasant, happy, and uppy. This bud gave me a nice boost of energy and permi-grin for the entire time i was high. I smoked a 3g blunt between 3 p...”

  • “Very good strain I would recommend this for anyone with M.S.”

  • “Oh my god the smell is so dank. I have to keep it in a concealed jar at all Times otherwise my whole place fills up with the sweet cheesy and citrusy dankness. Very nice high, relaxing yet still functional. The taste is heavenly but the smell is strong af. The serious level of thc makes this one a go to for regular seasoned smokers. 9,5/10”

  • “Misty, is a very sweet tasting, skunky smelling excursion from what I usually smoke ( gods gift, or WSU), and with high THC level of 26% a better bargain overall. The buds are massive and tightly trimmed, awesome find. Thanks to beautiful McKenzie for the advice, good job”

  • “This is hands down the best bud I have smoked in years.”

  • “I was pretty happy to find this strain fantastic for fixing a migraine headache!! A couple puffs and I felt very much better!!! Bye bye tylenol!!! However, this strain doesn't work for back or female pains. But who cares? Way better than any pill.”

  • “Great strain”