Moloka’i Frost Reviews

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  • “Ho Lee Shet. This strain prompted me to write my first review because it would be a dishonor to the islands of Hawaii for not promoting this incredible flower. After purchase i waited until the next morning to smoke it, i wanted to feel fresh. After breaking the seal, Moloka'i's raw nature-like odor climbed up inside my nostrils and started f**king. I let the scent do its thing until it was finished and then loaded u...”

  • “In 1969 residents of the leper colony in Kalaupapa Moloka'i were finally allowed to depart the colony thanks to anti-biotics. Another amazing medicine made its way out of the valley in Kalawao (pronounced ka-la-wow) that same fateful year, 1969. Originally named Moloka'i Hashplant by local growers because of her frosty trichrome rich disposition and to distinguish Moloka'i Hashplant or Kalawao kine from Maui Wowie, ...”

  • “The best experience and value in ages! I bought this in Vancouver recently, and wow, do I wish this were more readily available at home (Seattle). So, from the softest inhale that felt mouth watering, I kid you not, it was like buttah. If you know the difference between hard and soft water, this was like falling into a spring of soft water. Relatively quick to activate brain activity, the benefits were complet...”

  • “Moloka'i Medicine is da real deal! A Seattle newspaper even wrote a epic article about a MMJ dispensary called Columbia City Holistic Health and their most medicinal marijuana: Moloka'i Frost!! Once again we have to say Mahalo to the staff @ Leafly for writing such a lovely informative review and providing patients a platform to review and share our experiences. Aloha a hui hou!!!”

  • “awesome strain for pretty cheap. great for joint pain/muscle spasms and depression”

  • “Moloka'i Frost. Oh this strain. I love this pungent earthy scent, smooth and great tasting smoke. Sticky enough to aid in usage but not too much as to cause a nuisance. Denser bud until busted. Then beautifully fluffy and lovely to roll ❤ Definitely recommend this strain to anyone who wants to relax and get something done at the same time. Perfect for parents after the kids go to bed or people who just like to get c...”

  • “On my wish list!”

  • “One of da best island strains! We used to call her Moloka'i Hashplant back in da day, she is one of the hashy-est, frostiest tastiest tropical treats teeming with THC and CBD, true medicine!!”