Money Maker Reviews

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  • “Ok all I remember from last night is I smoked a half of a bowl. Half. Then proceeded proceeded to eat everything. Everything?. Yes everything. I woke up fully clothed in bed at 3 am. I am officially afraid of this... until I go to bed. But yeah gets you super relaxed, hungry, and sleepy as hell. Great strain!!”

  • “A nice indica, too much put you in a relax state that can induce good sleep. heavy resin”

  • “No paranoia and a great muscle relaxer. Good strain for a late night movie or bubble bath.”

  • “Has everything I want in a indica. Makes me hungry and feeling heavy and slow. I'm eating an apple as I write this and the taste is even better than normal. It's so sweet and crunchy! My body pains feel non existent. I can't even recall my typical complains right now lol. If I wanted I could stay up longer but 3 bong bowls have my bed calling my name soon. Will have a nice ride with this strain. Grows big btw be sure...”

  • “I don't know if it's about grower or weed, but made me and friends little paranoid and later sleepy and hungry. Anyway positive feeling was happy, giggly and euphoric.”

  • “Ended up getting quite a few clones for my indoor In a mixed batch not knowing anything about the strain personally, didn't get my rooms set up in time so I switched to outdoor, and lemme tell ya, massive producers that get huge, and in turn can mold in Oregon climate so watch out.”

  • “This strain is the perfect one for when your in bed about to go to sleep.”

  • “Nice thick buds. Smooth earthy flavor. Not the most crystals I've seen. My batch might be 12-18% THC. I got it for $7 a gram in a medical store. It does make you sleepy and couch lock. It's advertised 80% Indica and 20% Sativa hybrid in the store. Smells earthy. It also creeps up on you.”