Monster Cookies Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “One look at Monster Cookies and you will see nothing but, trichomes the structure is as dense as the Kowloon walled city once was and the buds are a darker color green accompanied by hues of purple and dark orange pistils the smell of Monster cookies is reminiscent of Grand Daddy Purp which was surprising because, the smell OG Kush is more dominant in other strains I have smoked previously such as Platinum Girl Scou...”

  • “Copped an 8th of this from Peace in Medicine in Sebastopol, CA. Big, nice nugs and the smell was crazy. This is some potent medicine so watch where you open it up. Any room or enclosed space will soon be smelling incredibly dankey. If you've got problems with loss of appetite, insomnia, pain management etc. this is a great option.”

  • “This strain is a real hard hitter. I feel so relaxed and calm. Music is good for this strain. I'm not sleepy at all which is great. I don't get hungry either. I have a chronic anxiety disorder when I am alone. I don't feel lonely at all! Playing on my phone is so entertaining which gets my mind off of it :)”

  • “Omg!!! This is such a fun strain!!!! I'm chillin' like a villain and watching "Up" ...and it's so bright and trippy. My pain is gone, I have zero anxiety, and I'm awake, but probably will pass out soon. Awesome.”

  • “Great Indica. Really great for night time use if your looking to get a good night sleep. This strain put's you at ease, alleviates your stress, anxiety, and helps treat your insomnia. This strain will give you the rest you need and the body relief your seeking. Very effective. I only do Indicas for insomnia and this has been one of the best Indica strains I ever tried. Sweet smell, sweet taste, highly effective.”

  • “even though this is a indica dominate strain i find it very uplifting and energetic not the typical lethargic couched feeling. great smooth hitting and great taste”

  • “Monster Cookies sweetened Oscar into Fozzybear. A medium bowl served beautifully on a Fri night, wound up from a couple of bumpy days. GSC like euphoria with GDP pain relief, except this one is a bit less sedative. The smell and taste was mild, reminiscent of peppercorn and "Hawaiian Punch" drink crystals. I like the parents, and they made a nice offspring.”

  • “amazing strain! makes you look at life in a whole different way. very potent”