Mother of Berries Reviews

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  • “This IS the strain of Maine. I absolutely love this one. Although I live in the home state, it's not been around my area for a few years. Strong couchlock with creative ideas, a euphoric sense, and a vibrant body high that pinpoints in joints. With the slightest wiff, you will be mezmerized. Then you will notice it's (hopefully) distinct purple faded, slightly dense pine cone nuggets. One toke later your just about ...”

  • “M.O.B what can I say about you. This was my first indica after months of smoking hybrids and sativas. And I gotta say..WOW.. This is a beautiful sticky icky bud, I'm currently extremely happy and chilled right now. Get some of this!!”

  • “This is my first review on here and I thought I'd do it on a home based strain.(visit to see my video review of this and other strains)Lots of people have heard or found thru research all kinds of things on this bud a good example is its name we know its M.O.B but depending on who you speak to that name has different meanings like money on branches,money ova bitches,Maine organic bluberr...”

  • “This stuff is IT. The Stuff, might I say. Tremendous feels within the noggin and definitely a giddy persona. I've smoked a lot of Maine bud but this stuff is definitely my favorite. It's vacationland for a reason 💨💨💨👌”

  • “As we say in Maine, "Wicked Good!" Great taste, very relaxing. Great bushy indoor strain. Smokeable in 60 days.”

  • “I got a quarter of this with Sour Diesal, and as a combination they were spectacular. Individually, this strain will always be in my memory. When life was tough and school was stressful, this was the go to strain for me. Perfect for just melting into my bed and enjoying any song that plays on the radio.”

  • “As a maine native m.o.b is like a house hold name. grows very well up here an usually you can find it about anywhere. don't pass this one up will hit u like a freight train tastes fantastic”

  • “Tasty blueberry earthy. Nice Stink when you break apart. Kind BUD.”