Neptune Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “i died from smokin it”

  • “I'm pretty effin' far from being a novice smoker; and my tolerance is pretty high for even the most potent strains. As I prefer really good, heady, indicas; I may have fallen in love with this strain. It gave me an immediate influx of euphoria and lasted a good while too, which is a major plus. The look of the stain that I have is top tier. Hard, dense nugs; even if not so fat. Definitely one for the grinder. The fla...”

  • “Excellent strain for insomnia and depression A little heady at first, but melts depression while guiding you into a deep sleep.”

  • “Soaring indica with some crazy sativa traits.”

  • “Definitely a weekend strain, it takes you to space real fast! Love the aroma, littlest hit, hits hard. Overall great strain.”

  • “I'm a veteran consumer and my tolerance is pretty high for even the most high end strains; but this took me to Neptune immediately, and I stayed up there for a notch. Looking for seeds...”

  • “Very strong stuff. Couch lock on a scale of 1-10 is probably an 8. I tried this once at night, kept me awake for a little bit, but I've been trying at day lately. Leaves you a little sleepy after a couple hours. Smoked at 12 and still feel high at 7:30 pm. So yeah it's long lasting high for sure. Great strain, very stereotype Indica”

  • “got the giggles”