Neptune OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This high is a creeper for sure! I was sitting in the car, we rolled a blunt. Smoked it, didn't know I was high. I turned my head and looked out the car It felt like nothing was real. It feels so good. If you've ever watched the boondocks (SE3) when Granddad smokes for the first time. Ever thing feels brighter, and more fresh. Good chill high.”

  • “dope ass strain to smoke and chill with your best bud fuckkkkkkk you get giggly asf and hungry so make sure you pack a bomb ass Munchie pack best smoked during nighttime stay high, stay blessed 🔥”

  • “3 Steps: hungry, sleepy, happy Didn't even know I was high until ate I satisfied my munchies. I didn't immediately feel sleepy so I got to enjoy the high. Got a great night'so rest 🍕🍩🍟😆😴😪😪”

  • “Very tasty. Some strong initial anxiety for 10 minutes or so, then very relaxing and enjoyable. Eliminated focus on back pain.”

  • “Geat.Shit.”

  • “Smoking this strain made me feel like a bad took a trip to the planet Neptune and chilled on the blue world. Love this strain!!”

  • “My favorite so far!!”

  • “Decent strain. Certainly didn't kick my butt. It's a solid 8 for me.”