Nicole Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Good bag appeal for sure, deep greens. Purples and orange, super frosty buds. Kind of a spicy smoke but you can taste berries as well. Was a nice indica and was great for sleep and anxiety, moderate couch lock, can't quite remember the scent cause I got it about a month back so I can't be a 100 on that, good indica overall, def would grab again.”

  • “GROW REVIEW: This strain by DNA Genetics was grown by seed by me and then used as a mother plant. The first clone I took ended up hermaphroditing on me because I had a bad light leak in my tent for a few days that allowed sunlight to come in and throw this plant off, so beware of stress with this plant to prevent hermaphrodite tendencies, otherwise this plant is rock solid genetically speaking. This plant doesn't n...”

  • “aka Indicol Q this is a super tasty for me anytime med. we used a hot wand tech for the last of it and oh girl is it ever good. again I cannot undervalue how clear and pleasant even the headiest of highs are from medicinal Kush-Type/Indica dominant strains are and Nicole Kush represents well. This strain gets high marks for appetite stimulation, pain relief and sleep.”

  • “This beautiful cannabis which hosts soft pink and blue hues is as delicately relaxing as a warm bubble bath. it knocks out pain almost immediately and gives you a raging case of the munchies. couchlock not so bad, but it's very tempting. this is one of the nicest indicas I've ever smoked. I suspect I'll be sleeping well tonight.”

  • “great big buds with so much krystals on them with white color mixed with red-orange hairs . and super super sticky! also the smell is so pungent and deliciuse ! big big love for that straing iam so body relaxed from it just as the description!”

  • “I'm not a fan of sleepy strains. But this one was a life saver. Had some really bad insomnia due to sinus, this relaxed me almost instantly and I slept the WHOLE night. Smooth smoke, tastes amazing!”

  • “absolutely love this bud great for a night time smoke”

  • “Got 1 Free Nicole Kush x Morracan Fem seed with this order. Germ in 2 x 2 Friday cube. Will follow up with review when done”