Northern Lights #5 Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “WOW! Now I know what people mean when they say "top shelf". It has taken me about 20 minutes to write this review. NOT FOR A BEGINNER!!!!!”

  • “Wow! This strain rocks! I've smoked it in an enclosed area as well as outdoors in nature. Both times I had a blast! I was researching about something, and decided to have a puff. I immediately felt intrigued and motivated about the topic I was researching; I felt focused, uplifted, creative, and passionate about what I was doing. I also smoked this on the beach and outdoors in the forest. It was an awesome ...”

  • “Good ol' Northen Lights #5. One of my personal favorites merely because of taste. Sooo Sooo Unique. Very nice head high with an accompanying body high. Lit up a bowl tonight and remembered why I loved it so much. Stimulates creativity very nicely! If you ever see a nice batch of NL #5 GET IT. Thats all I have to say.”

  • “Vaped about 300 mg. Nice kind of citrus earthy smell. Add a hint of cool pine and you got the taste, smooth almost all the way to the end. *Excellent pain relief, and on a day it was most needed*. Nice indica head effects, kind of day-dreamy in a comedic kind of way. Melted into a tub of hot water and listened to music while my thoughts floated away and my body pain dissolved into the bath. Some moments, music was ...”

  • “Easily my second favorite bud(AK-47 being my first). Very intense high, almost trippy in a way. Really messed with my concentration. Perfect little buds. Smoked some of this when I was a delivery driver, went to turn around in a driveway only to find out it wasn't a driveway at all, just some family's front yard! Lucky that was my last delivery for the day.....”

  • “This has to be on of the best Strains I have ever had. This sweet, and potent, flavour takes care of my ADHD/OCD & chronic pain with ease. Leaving my mind to it's creative and scientific vices with an astute focus that is, so far; paralleled by None. Northern Lights #5 is definitely a Strain to be reckoned with...”

  • “Really nice, felt very dark, like a ninja watching my roommates from under the covers”

  • “High was very average. Nothing special at all whatsoever. I got this weed and from my local dispensary and it was "okay". In fact it was claimed to help PTSD and Anxiety, and yet had a short, minor, and very unenjoyable Panic Attack after taking first couple hits, once this was no longer an option I had to take a xanax 1mg football to calm down. After smoking succeeding the past insident, I was able to enjoyably get ...”