Northern Wreck Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I think the northern wreck was by far one of my favorites. the 28.96%THC really relaxed me in the head. great for my anxiety.”

  • “I picked up this strain on a whim. And I was not disappointed. Especially because he gave it to my at such a decent price. The buds were gigantic. My eighth was one bud that ended up weighing close to 4 grams. The buds are nice and dense mostly green with hues of purple. Nice amount of crystals that cover the entire bud. I think one of the reasons I liked this strain is that it can be used during the day. The Trainwr...”

  • “This is a very heavy, heady strain. Proceed with caution. It's intense both in a spacey sense and a physical one. Expect gravity to increase a bit and your attention to be focused.”

  • “31.59% THC 45th Parallel Farms Willamette Valley Salem, Oregon”

  • “when you cough till you drool a little bit, it's stronger then I thought. beautiful buds, almost perfect density. nice thick clouds...”

  • “Quick, tasty and super officiant! Hands down my favorite strain in a long time! A must try!”

  • “Strong stuff. Every time I've bought it, THC is in the 29-31% range, so it's crazy strong. Very relaxing full body high, with cerebral effects and euphoria. First time I smoked it, I settled into the couch after a single small bowl and settled in for a night of Fargo Season 2. I've smoked this several times since then, in joints and bongs. The taste is a bit harsh, less so through a bong, but it's definitely tasty. ...”

  • “one of the greatest new strains to come to the 21st century!”