Northern Berry Reviews

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  • “I am a fluffy teddy bear. It feels good to be a teddy bear. So warm and soft with a permanent content grin. And I'm so damn comfortable and cuddly. I was made for sleep. When I was a kid, I used to wonder what my stuffed animal was thinking about. And now I know. That dude was content. I mean, c'mon, he knew exactly how cuddlicious he was. Plus he was pretty cute. But he knew life wasn't so bad. Sure, some tragic stu...”

  • “I LOVE THIS STRAIN! OK sorry for caps but I'm serious, northern berry aka "Big Blue" is an amazing Indica with amazing Sativa cerebral effects to complement the heavy indica. This strain smells and reeks of Blueberry more than any other Blueberry strain I've tried I truly can't believe the taste off this stuff it's incredible. This stuff is amazing for pain relief, anxiety & depression, you will definitely get "glued...”

  • “First of all this strain is a Washington state bred native. It's a fine cross of Great white shark x northern lights x Dj shorts Blueberry, its a fairly new strain as of 2014. Upon first look this looks like some dank, big chunky frosty semi - dense nugs, minimal red hairs, maximum frostiness. The buds are top shelf quality, the grower has exceptional growing skills. So the bag appeal is great, now time to smoke... S...”

  • “I took a hit and held it... As I blew it out my eyelids became heavy immediately. Wonderful berry taste and awesome Indica high. Very relaxing and tasty. Definitely one of my favorites so far.”

  • “I have SEVERE insomnia and this strain is one of the BEST!!!!!”

  • “This weed has a similar high to blue dream though the flavor is a bit more piney flavored but still very blueberry. Very nice looking buds that are similar to blue dream again but are darker. 4/5”

  • “They told me this would be close to my favored Blackberry Kush and so I took it. Didn't even read the blurb or reviews... got in the back seat and took a drag on the 'smoky pen'. Once my friend started driving I started investigating and was reading the effects and saw Giggly which in turn made me bust out laughing and my friend and his wife start laughing. Getting stoned with the Godparents is neat! But seriously,...”

  • “I just tried this for the first time a day ago. I was looking for something that would help me relax, deal with pain, and fall asleep. This Indica has really delivered. I was able to find this beauty in Sumpter, Oregon. It's a very, very small town in the mountains, but has excellent service and this wonderful indica.”