Nova Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “So gooooooood for pain and inflammation. I am feeling so much better. I had vaped some cannatonic earlier in the day (which provided relief but made me antisocial and sleepy) and this weed made me more focused than before and totally, completely at ease (socially and pain wise) when I vaped it a few hours later.”

  • “Awesome strain, it's has it all bag appeal, taste, and the effects are great kinda creep up on you like a good song with a long did in the middle worth looking for”

  • “Nova.. what a star.. what a strain! Honestly this strain should be called Buzz Lightyear.. because it had me feeling to infinity and beyond.”

  • “I think it's more lemony then pine”

  • “I just love this strain for daytime medication and use it to cut down higher thc such as alien og for my night time meds. daytime meds release me from panic and anxiety and for night time it puts me to sleep. I also take a bit of mmj infused honey to stay asleep which is a godsend being that i had a spinal fusion from T10 all the way down to s S1. 👍💤”

  • “This is seriously the best stain for me! My anxiety and stress melt away as I puff away! My favorite strain so far!”

  • “super fruity taste real mellow high love this strain”

  • “Nice and fluffy strain. Tastes great, definitely an OG counterpart. Buzz is nice and light with happy and calming effects. Not too heavy if you're a wake and baker, but still potent enough to put you to sleep after a long day's work.”