Nuggetry OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Laughed pretty hard when I saw the nuggetry review describing Chubbs as creepy. It's kind of true. Does anyone really know the difference between Nuggetry OG and any other Indica out there? Does Chubbs have access to a special seed? Just a random thought after trying some Nuggetry OG. Mason, Peace!”

  • “Great strain and great high. I would like it more but I just can't get over that creepy guy that promotes it on that ridiculous website.”

  • “It use to be a great, great strain. Would drive all the way from LA just to get it. Great store, people who work there are really good and professional. The only down side is the bud. It is just flat out not good any more. I wont begin to guess as to why. Who ever knows? But this was great medicine that became mediocre at very best.”

  • “Used to drive from LA all the way to Orange County to get this strain. Was so good it was amazing. Last 2 trips it was mediocre at best, bordering on bad. Too bad, another example of a dispensary not being concerned with quality and wanting just to make money. Never going back, too much great quality here in LA and especially SF valley.”

  • “this weed isnt as good as its rated. i just rated it like i did to knock it down a little bit.”

  • “By far the best and strongest indica I can find.”

  • “Consistently fine OG, dense strong smoke, never fails to deliver a strong, long lasting high.”

  • “One of my Favorite OG"S of All-time. I will pick more next time I'm LA”