Nuken Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Big, colourful buds (mine have purple throughout) Very trichome rich, large leaves, pungent as hell! Smooth smoke, definitely a flowery aftertaste. Consumers should expect a creepy head high, followed by a total body buzz. If you're into indica's, this is a must try! Maybe shy away if this is an option for your first time.... But let's be honest, it's not your first time if you snagged this stuff.”

  • “A friend introduced me to this strain and all I can say is it hits you hard and keeps you nice and tingily all night long! However you are still pretty much functional I worked an overnight shift with no problems and when I got home was still feeling fine had the most restfull sleep in my life and woke up refreshed. On a side note the pain killing effects of nuken are long lasting as I was pain free and stress free...”

  • “I'm a medical user, treating muscle spasms, whiplash, and PTSD. I used Nuken in a vaporizer; just a few puffs brought deep relaxation, relief from a sharp pain in my ribs, and a heavy sleepiness. I just poured a bath to deal with the muscle spasm but I'm now unsure if I'll be getting up again. Laying down is just sooooo comfy. The bud itself has a pleasing taste and produces a thick white vapour. I will certain...”

  • “This is a review for blue nuken *this strain crossed with blueberry* instant couch lock effect that puts you into a sleepy state”

  • “Amazing strain! Huge nugs (2-3 inches long) and very dense. The smell comparable to a field of flowers dusted with skunk spray and topped with sugary trichomes. Wonderfully tingly body high with elevated mood effects. I took 3 hits of this and I thought I was melting into my bed. Perfect for insomnia and pain.”

  • “Good mellow strain. Smell wasn't anything special but the hit is very smooth. Would recommend.”

  • “Very much like Love Potion #1! Relaxing, aroused, stress free”

  • “*This is a review for Blue Nuken: Amazing fruity smell, with a hint of grass. Very smooth for the troath, delicious sweet taste and very powerful relaxing buzz. With dark blue color, is one of a kind!”