OG LA Affie Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is one of the parent strains of LA Confidential, which is one of my favorite indicas. It has that pungent Afghani smell & taste I love so much, & is beautifully grown. It is a consistent, long lasting high that is more functional that a lot of other indicas. It brought me up & down nice & easy. I had never heard of this strain before, but will keep an eye out for it now!”

  • “to start off I'm a regular smoker have been one for 4 years. Thus has got to be by far the best indica strain. I'm not stupid high but more of a relaxed, sensational, up spirited feelings. Definitely could see why it would be a sativa. I'm probably going to go write a book, feeling very inspirational and creative. This should be called God bud. I feel content with everything thing. I can't wait to get more or even ge...”

  • “Great for my joint pain, very lucid and talkative. Love it!!! I bought it as an EZ Vape pen.”

  • “Best Landrace Strain on Earth !!!!! High in CBD ! The Cure ! God/jah bless this Strain !”

  • “I would definitely recommend this strain to anyone with chronic pains”

  • “Strong body high with an clear headed, euphoric calming cerebral effect. Effects make for a good sleep aid without the heavy sedated feeling you get with some indicas. Good during the day too, goes from relaxed and giggly to deep thought/conversation type stuff. Taste/scent is spicy and herbal very similar to Bubba or LA Confidential.”

  • “Pure indica, low plant structure, low yielding , little fat compact buds with purple colors. taste: earthy pungent with hints of lime! effect:pure indica stoned, relaxing , couchlock!”

  • “What can I say, an amazing flower. Tastes great and knocks the hell out of pain, but it doesn't couch lock you. First time I had it instantly went into my top 5 strains. Can't say enough about it. I have extreme arthritis and this does a heck of a job helping me get through it.”