OG Los Angeles Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain is my favorite hands down. It has a amazing origional kush smell and characteristics. The taste is amazing and refreshing. It is a strong heavy all around body high. Helps with getting in sleep and building an appetite forsure.”

  • “The OG Los Angeles Kush that comes in the blue box is straight fire. Never once been disappointed! I follow LAK just to see when the new drops are and I tell all my friends they need to try their strains. My next favorite would have to be that Strawberry Blondie.”

  • “4/5 head high 5/5 creative 4/5 funny Can't believe it took me so long to hear about this”

  • “og Los Angeles kush has to be my all time favorite strain for anyone who hasn't tried it I defiantly recommend it. It's tested at 34.04% thc so you know that it will do the job no doubt about it but it's not something i would have a 1st time smoker use a little to strong. It looks and smells amazing the straight og taste your missing out if you haven't already tried it 😤🔥⛽”

  • “Los Angeles kush og is straight fire. One of my favorite indica strains. Los Angeles kush also has of my favorite hybrids, their kookies are tasty! If you like heavy indicas I highly recommend lak og. You won't be disappointed. Can't wait to try other strains by lak as well.”

  • “La kush is soo fire ! It's definitely my night time smoke, really helps me wind down. It calms my anxiety instantly and just soothes my body overall ! It has a great taste too ! Can't get enough it , hope chr keeps providing us with this fire 🔥”

  • “This strain is so heavy! Knocks me out every time! I haven't found anything else like it. And it tastes bomb too. I can only smoke this right before bed and I only smoke indicas too so you know it's heavy”

  • “One of the best flower I've ever donated for . If your looking for a heavy high then this flower Is for you 🔥”