OG's Pearl Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “a very uplifting strains with effects that hit you after exhale and taste hard to compare to most as a fruity spice that dissolves in your mouth with a splendid smooth feel”

  • “Picked up a couple grams at New Vansterdam in Vancouver, seriously considering making the 4 hour drive back for more, that's his good it is. Very heavy throughout the body, not really any cerebral effects to speak of, but without any couchlock. Very mellow. VERY good for pain, onset within a minute or so, lasted for a couple hours on one bowl. Serious munchies too.”

  • “I've only been smoking for about a year, but pretty much always a different strain... & this is by far the dopest dope I ever smoked. I bought 2 grams of this stuff from new vansterdam and would definitely consider buying it again. the smoke is smooth and the taste is flowery. it comes on strong and lasts long. not the best weed to smoke if you just wanna smoke a little and get some sleep though. I found it got my mi...”

  • “Great Strain! Relaxing and heady...the effect was long lasting as well.”

  • “Perfect for a mellow buzz, and then to crash me out for the night. I have insomnia and OG Pearl Keif Kissed is the remedy.”

  • “Very relaxing & tastey”

  • “I found this strain perfect for sleeping. I felt an instant relaxation of my body. Found it perfect for lazy days or before bed, also got munchies haha.”

  • “This an awesome strain to chill out in bed and watch a movie before going to sleep. Total body relaxing and euphoric feeling.”