Oregon Diesel Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Sweet, sweet relief. This strain vaulted me over the void. I was up in the clouds, but I could run around in the clouds! I was writing, I was designing, I was thinking. My depression lifted for the first time in 8 months. I was crying in relief, because I remembered who I was. I have no words. I wanted to kiss the feet of the acquaintance who gifted me a gram. This is going to become a regular part of my fight agains...”

  • “Highly impressed. Went looking for PK and found Odi. A beautiful, powerful smell of sweet berry and lemon twirling over a strong undercurrent of diesel and a light mist of pine deliciousness. The smoke was smooth, slightly spicy going in and lightly fruity coming out. Of my three favorite indica heavies, Agrijuana's Purple Kush, Chalice Farms' Blueberry Kush and Harmony Farms' Kosher Kush (Love the 2 gram jar!) Ore...”

  • “This is my favorite night time strain. It's beautiful to look at and smell, and the effects are super calming.”

  • “I am really impressed with this strain, I suffer from Parkinson's and this really works well for me. Some tasty bud that as smoked you smell the sweet buds and also numbs the pain away! Also my tremors stop while high ! This is some very good Indica smoke some.......”

  • “RX in Stockton has an amazing strain of this. A few hits of this before bedtime and insomnia is no match. Odi what we call "FIRE" in the 209.”

  • “Decent for pain relief, perhaps not the best for inflammation though in my experience. Immediately felt the head change, very mellow and uplifting. Amazing for depression and mood.”

  • PMP

    “Very much like Sour Diesel, so good for depression and anxiety. The results are a little longer lasting then most.”

  • “All around good strain”