Pacific Blue Reviews

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  • “My boy can't say enough about this strain I'll be trying it for the first time next week and I can't wait. I will include some pictures too since I see their are none as of this post *cheers*”

  • “I asked for something to help me relax and sleep and this was recommended by the budtender at my favorite shop. Awesome bud from Falcanna. This batch had a 34.8% THC content. I have severe PTSD and depression and this had me laughing my ass off to Bojack Horseman. Very happy carefree floaty almost opioid-like effect.”

  • “Beautiful buds grown on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state from Falcanna. Heavily dusted with crystals, a strong skunk smell with a smooth, sweet taste. (Vaped). Powerful sedative effects and plenty of couch lock with the 25.6% batch I had.”

  • “Smoked some of this by Falcanna Farms here in WA, and it's amazing. Nice and stoney, strong visual buzz and a relaxing body high. Amazing for depression/anxiety, as it gives a high that's insanely euphoric. Can't help but feel love and gratitude when you smoke this! Adding to my list of favorites. P.S. Make sure to have water on deck because the cotton mouth is REAL.”

  • “Bought an eight for 43 dollar. It's smell wonderful . Earthy and flowery with the hint of blue berry. Love the high it's give. With this strain you wanna hang out and chill”

  • “Best indica in my opinion! This shit makes me sleep hella good. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night like I would usually... super great taste.. very terpy.. 9/10 I’d rate.”

  • “Pacific Blue makes for some beautiful and super crystaley taste worthy buds!! With 23.5% Thc and 0.3% Cbd..”