Pakistan Valley Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Great tide over Kush for people with Bipolar I Disorder. Decent levels of Cannabidiol. Golden, gooey, sugared nugs.”

  • “Exhibits similar characteristics to it's Afghani Hindu Kush, very close-in-proximity to the general region, cousin ... The only difference is that this has a sweet, fruity overtone to it, whereas the Afghani is intially earthy & piney on the pallete”

  • “Second Favorite strain ! Oldest strain in the world ! Very developed chemically and has an extensive gene pool over hundreds of years of natural growth ! Ancient og is great too, that's Afghan & Pakistani kush. AMAZING”

  • “A rare, singular landrace Indica, near the same region, altitudes and has similar genome characteristics to the nearby Aghani / Hindu Kush”

  • “The flavour on this strain is just unreal. A very musky heavy kush flavour followed by sweetness on the exhale. Lovely! The bud structure is great. This strain is great for those that like fruity flavour buds but also love kush. This is what the coffeeshops of Amsterdam used to smell like 20 years ago!”

  • “One of the best Indicas. Has all the trademark Indica characteristics and a lovely, spicy weedy flavour and aroma. Traditionally most of it is processed into charas or garda hash but a small amount of buds and leaves are also consumed as edibles referred to as bhang in the local language. Very few people in the region smoke the dried buds which is surprising. It can be compared Afghan strains like Mazar although its ...”

  • “This strain packs a punch. while I'm not to fond of the taste ( I prefer fruity flavors) it's very piney it's still one of the best ones I've smoked. A rare true indica.”

  • “Excellent for the end of the day! This shit is sticky and dank and is definitely a one-hitter that produces full-body effects and euphoria.”