Papa's OG Reviews

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  • “I'm usually a heavy Sativa fan, but sometimes I find an indica or indica-heavy hybrid I need for pain. I have a bum knee that's been hurting so bad. I pulled it and could barely hobble around. Got some of this. WHOOSH! As soon as I took a bong hit, my whole head was filled with warmth. After I finished my toke, I was able to hobble around much better. It eased the pain enough so I didn't need Advil. I refuse to take ...”

  • “This straining great for daytime use! I have MS and this is a wonderful awake and bake on my worst days!”

  • “Nice strain. Was expecting my mind to blown after reading the reviews. It wasn't.”

  • “Papa's OG is by far my #1 favorite strain. I love smoking this before bed. It provides a heavy body high with amazing full body tingles. The high THC percentage (usually around 20 - 23%) allows for colorful closed eye visuals and lets my mind soar through the cosmos on my way to a very deep and comfortable slumber. I'm always fully rested and feeling great after a night with PPO. Personally I usually avoid this strai...”

  • “Papa's O.G It's a really good strain for those who need that extra bust throughout the day and try to get stuff done.! Aside from that you get a nice body relaxation with the euphoric billing really fluffy dogs nice thread fiery orange hairs big plus for this, thumbs down for the "munchy effect". Can't forget the wake & bakes!.”

  • “i tried this for my first time it was 24.3% thc level strong but was not as potent as the skywalker i picked up at az organix which was 19%.the skywalker just left you couch lock for sure.overall it was very good”

  • “I love smoking this before bed, I feel so relaxed!”

  • “Papa's OG was a big disappointment to me. I have to smoke twice the normal amount to get the kind of buzz I want. And the buzz lasts much shorter than other strains. Bought a 1/2oz at the dispensary because I saw a 4.8 rating on the site. This is worth a 2.5 out of 5. It passes, but I would not want it again. I can get pot that is more than 2x as strong for cheaper.”