Papaya Reviews

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  • “I felt this was great day time medicine. Not heavy in the body or dumbfounding. It was light and heady. I liked it a lot! The taste was sweet and fruity.”

  • “from start to finish it was as if I was partaking in a papaya back in the Caribbean.  You open the bag and you can smell the papaya aroma even see the color in your minds eye. Upon ignition you taste the papaya in your mouth feel it's fruity flavor envelop your lungs!  Then you go on a euphoric Caribbean voyage... the high comes in smooth like the breeze on sunset in Tobago.  My pain melted away and I floated away ba...”

  • “When I picked this up it was labeled papaya nirvana, so I'm guessing what I'm smoking is papaya from nirvana seed company. Papaya smells and tastes fruity, this stuff is grown decently. Seems like a nice balanced hybrid, great for daytime and very heady. Seems like focus is improved, stress lifted, overall a balanced clear headed strain that i can really get lost in and enjoy myself with. Very light feel to it al...”

  • “Feels like a Sativa for about an hour - hour and a half... After that - BAM! Indica, all the way, night night. ZZZZZ. Unfortunately, I am sick, so I can't say much about the taste, or smell. =/. From what I am able to taste... I get slightly sweet, fruity undertone, over a piney, fresh clean smell, with a slight pungent edge. Produces a thick white smoke, quickly. It makes me cough easily. Pretty groggy feeling, I ke...”

  • “I have back pain and head pain from cancer and shunts. This is the nicest selection for me as it relieves pain and leaves me happy and it's not heady. which I don't care for. not couch locked, able to get up and laugh.”

  • “Tastes verrrrrryyy good”

  • hi2

    “Relaxing. You may choose to watch a movie or listen to music or a podcast...If you need to get things done, it's possible to persuade yourself to get off the couch. Not a complete knockout.”

  • “I am a total believer in this strain. No couch lock with this strain. I just harvested my first grow ever in hydro and it was recommended that I try this strain for what I was looking for and what I need. Using the complete House & Garden line my girls took off like wildfire. Know knowing how important a good flush is I am glad I had expert advice from around the world in helping this grow come out amazing. It b...”