Pennywise Reviews

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  • “Here we go. So this Pennywise was a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD (9% of each to be exact) so then. Very cautious about taking anything with THC in it, or high amounts for sure, so Pennywise seemed like a good alternative to some others out there. It was a very mellow racing heart just calm. No heavy headed feeling either. What a bonus there. Definitely will use again.”

  • “This is easily the best strain I've ever smoked, medicinally or recreationally, and I've smoked for 10 years. In terms of my conditions, I find this strain eliminates my chronic nerve pain, especially the breakthrough pain, and does absolute wonders on my anxiety. The 1:1 THC:CBD content really makes it the most effective for both of my conditions. It improves my mood dramatically and leaves me with a lot more cognit...”

  • “My favorite strain so far. I suffer from depression and an anxiety disorder, and this strain treats both. Made me feel very relaxed with just a little head buzz. High in CBD is the way to go for me. Definitely recommend for anxiety and depression.”

  • “Pennywise is the strain that changed my life. It's the first cannabis I've used in four years. I stopped because I had started having anxiety attacks every time I was high. It didn't take many times for that to scare me off. I have anxiety and depression, and it's such a relief to have found Pennywise. I felt nothing but positive impact on my chemicals after sipping vapor for a steady two hours. I paced myself and f...”

  • “My favorite strain so far. I suffer from depression and anxiety, which quadruples with PMDD (a severe form of PMS) every month. This strain helps with all three. Felt very relaxed with very little head buzz. I highly recommend this strain for those who prefer the medical benefits this strain provides and still have a clear head.”

  • “Pennywise has been my go-to strain for Cluster Headache pain management. I have debilitating headaches that come on within minutes, or wake me from a deep sleep, and reach a pain level of around 8 to 10 very rapidly. The extreme pain can make me very nauseous, restless, and anxious if left untreated. At the first sign of a headache, I vaporize about 200mg of finely ground bud, and within seconds I am feeling real pa...”

  • “My partner and I were very fortunate and got a hold of seeds that were the high CBD pheno!! We grew two of these ladies to finish and can not give it enough praise!! Easy to grow, mold and pest resistant, and very potent pain and anxiety killing effects. We are going to be growing her again and will be for some time!! Don't let the high CBD fool you either.. our girl also has the added effect of being pretty high THC...”

  • “KILLS PAIN. I got some Pennywise BHO on 4/20/15 and it showed me nature put a safe painkiller in a flower — and it's called Cannabis, not Opium Poppy! I'd just been diagnosed with shoulder tendinitis, and that's on top of widespread pain from fibromyalgia and TMJ issues with muscular pain in face/jaw/neck and occasional tension headaches. This is the first high-CBD strain I've tried and I was floored! Pennywise lit...”