Phantom OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I feel toasted off 2 bong rips. It took maybe 5 minutes for effects to kick in and then bam! I just got more and more blazed feeling. I feel toasted. Squinted feeling to my eyes, very heavy head feeling and stoned in my brain feeling. I feel slow as heck in my mind. I feel focused at the same time. I don't know about the taste. It tastes like really good clean bud. Just good delicious clean meds. Great stuff. I just ...”

  • “Surprisingly sweet tasting and smooth, Phantom OG is a strong Indica that comes on with a whisper, and ends with a roar. Phantom OG is best reserved for a lazy evening, or as a sleep aid, for its effects are uplifting for the first 30 minutes, then prepare for an inner-eyelid examination or a nice R.E.M. session.”

  • “Wow, Just wow. Citrusy, Piney, with alil hint of what smelled like caerosene. The taste, was a mixture of the same as above. The buzz happened in 5 mins, but after 20 I was toast. Very good strain I would recommend this to all. Great for stress and anxiety, and the pain reliever in it is sweet.”

  • “Sold to me as Phantom Kush at Greenhand in Seattle. Great strain. High quality bud that smells great and tastes great. Gets me giggly as shit and feeling hilarious every time. Not the best for sleep, so just know that going into it.”

  • “nice citrus earth taste upon inhale with a headrush that left me feeling as if my head was going to float away. After 5 minutes it settled in my body leaving me in a state of deep relaxation. Awesome Indica. o_O”

  • “*constant nodding head up and down" get this strain, it's amazing, it makes you feel like you got picked up by some warm pillows and got shipped away to Cozystan.”

  • “Phantom is super heavy. A great indica with a potent violet and flowery taste; Phantom will draw you in and then hit you fast and hard. I ate an entire box of crackers, cookies, and several bowls of cereal before passing out.......3 nights in a row.”

  • “Quite good. I smoked two bowls to myself over the course of about an hour. Not overwhelming, but very relaxing. I have several joint injuries and they were all flaring up from work. After smoking, my muscles had loosened enough that I was able to pop some things back into place. My muscle soreness and joint pain is still present, but much more manageable. I plan to smoke some more and expect it will lessen even more ...”