Pine Tar Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “picked up a hybrid bubba-pinetar defiantly didn't know what to expect at first, this strain gets the job done its a night time medicine and calming effects that relax the body not the mind able to study/work, can never underestimate this strain as it is a different experience every time can keep you focused and a head high”

  • “I have a plethora of diseases. Autonomic Neuropathy is the most dangerous. When I'm not at homeostasis I can't use THC at all. A THC buzz is all Autonomic...happy, hungry, horny, sleepy, rapid heart rate and so on. This is the first strain that I've tried and actually able to handle. I can't smoke due to lung damage from a genetic blood clotting disorder. I decarboxilate it and eat a bit. Within 45 minutes I'm pain f...”

  • “Gave me a head high that I wasn't anticipating from an indica, but it gave me a nice body buzz as well. The strain I picked up from Emerald Feilds in Manitou Springs had about 18% THC, pretty high for an indica. Not sure if I would use this one this for insomnia as the head high could keep you up thinking.”

  • “i fuckin love everything about this strain the taste the smell the high Real Kush tried it for the first time today and i gotta say this is definitely one the best Kush Strains out there”

  • “The favorite strain of Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda”

  • “This is one hard hitting Indica! Wow! It caught me off guard after my 3rd toke from my cone joint. Didn't see the intial head high coming, and boy did it hit me . Great cerebral buzz in the beginning, then a nice body high after. Helped me relax after my physio and gym exercises. The pain will disappear and you will be left with a nice overall exceptional high. A very soothing high to experience, however don'...”

  • “shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttt”

  • “pinetar is a great Afghan for nw out doors strong flowers great pine taste”