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  • “This strain should be called "Pain Be Gone"...I'm VERY impressed with it! I was suffering the queen mother of all migraines - the absolute worst I've experienced in years - as well as pretty bad nausea. Being on a self-imposed tolerance break, I've been taking pills all day and felt like I was getting zero pain relief. Nada. Zip. Zilch. All it did was make me feel doped up. Finally I said "f--- this!" and reach...”

  • “I've been trying to figure out why the fuck smurfs are blue for over an hour now and all I've come up with is that I want pizza.”

  • “Loving this even more than I thought I would! Gotta be in my top 10 or maybe even 5 strains. This hits hard and fast and has a very narcotic type knock you out feeling. First time I had this I actually went to bed with my cell phone wireless headset wrapped around my neck.... Lol! And didn't even realize it until I woke up the next morning. Yep, this one knocks me for a nice loop.”

  • “O my, have I fought the urge to go to sleep. Pitbull def true indica from what I have been reading of them. Felt like spears were being run thru my head when I woke up this AM. Pain 7, nausea 4-5, dizzy 4-5. Medicated @ 1100 or so. Bout 5 min to start working if that. Pain gone; nausea bout 3? NO ANXIETY/PARANOIA (super huge for me). Super relaxed. Very strong head buzz but not too strong. Body high dang near perfec...”

  • “Very floral smelling, like rose petals with hints of strawberry, spice, cayenne, but a true madman. Dark, musky, lung expanding, head rushing exhale. Great for pain, even my nagging turf toe was no match for it. Better than NyQuil, take only at bedtime, as that's where you are heading. You won't be doing any heavy math either. Put on the tv and wake up to the Poltergeist, screen. In other words, does what I ...”

  • “High cbd/cbn strain. Had a friend who grew 4 crops. He won't grow it anymore. Only reason being is the cosmetic quality of this strain. Taste Alittle like hay and smells Alittle funny but, Damn. It gets you medicated (couch lock) stress free, subsidies the pain in my hips and back. If it wasn't for the cosmetics he would continue this strain. If your looking for medication over taste this strain is good for those on ...”

  • “Saw this at a local dispensary and literally let out a "holy shit" when I saw this bud ;-) EXTREMELY large fluffy buds. Very pretty, bushy, light green with lots of spindly red hairs. Did NOT disappoint! Bought specifically for migraine relief on this particular occassion. Smoked .5g out of a bong and was lit. Migraine was gone, body was warm and tingly (but was mostly tingly in my mouth and tongue? weird...). Extrem...”

  • “Migraine returned last night. It was around my normal bedtime. Pain lvl 5, nausea 4 & dizziness 4 when I decided to medicate. Wasn't awake long after I did; was asleep within an hour. Do remember Pitbull all but completely curing the pain/nausea. Also remember having absolutely no anxiety/paranoia before falling asleep. Not sure how much of it was Pitbull & how much just me being tired. I knocked the hell out soon af...”