Platinum Bubba Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Very good medicine for helping my fibromyalgia. The best I've had so far for my flare ups.”

  • “Great floral taste and some of the strongest munchies ever. While we were on this strain, my friend asked if he could have some of the pizza I was making and I said no. I realized later that my munchies were so strong that I was not thinking rationally and of course split the pizza with him...and another. Make sure you have some Red Baron pizzas standing by in the freezer.”

  • “2 is enough. Holy T-Rex hand grenade, Batman! Japanese ninjas in raptor suits. Definitely a good one for porch use. Spiders and spiderwebs. Bug whispering.”

  • “This strain is a mega munchie hitter! The smell & taste remind me of gasoline, similar to Sour Diesel or Chemdog; which BTW are both great strains if u ask me. Anyhow, PBK has a dark green and purplish tint to it. The nugs are medium to large size and somewhat hard and dense but still moist aswell. B-ware cuz PBK packs a punch & it's great 4 nighttime use. I purchased some PBK from my local dispensary yesterday. I ...”

  • “Great flavor with ridiculous after taste that tricks you into think you just smoked a fire bowl (but actually you just dabbed some fire). One of the most unique waxes I've ever hit with noticeably two tastes, the foretaste and aftertaste, both complimenting one another in the long haul.”

  • “My very favorite medicine for FIBROMYALGIA. Takes the body wide pain away and what a great time doing it!”

  • “This might just be my favorite strain of all time. I am prone to anxiety and panic attacks, and bp completely soothed me, helped me settle down, and took away my IBS symptoms. Not the longest lasting and I did seem to need a bit more of it, but it was phenomenal.”

  • “Great strain. High is mellow and relaxed. Made me really hungry and that was the only time I really left the couch. One of my favorites.”