Platinum OG Reviews

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  • “This shit gets you ripped fast. 1 big bong rip and 1 was high. A full bowl and I was heavily medicated -(Higher then smoking 3.5gs of the mid grade most people in my area smoke) I smoked 3gs out the bong and I was extremely high! (I didn't remember anything I did during the time I peaked) This is one the best strains I have smoked. Very powerful. It hits very fast. Very intense peak. It felt more like a hybrid t...”

  • “Heavy indica yet still has the activeness of sativa”

  • “I love the way the platinum og kush calms me down and gives me that nice head buzz. I recommend!”

  • “Highest THC content of any local plant in Colorado Springs. Indica label but feels like a heavy Sativa. My go-to. From Pure Intentions Wellness Center.”

  • “Tastes like hell, hits like HEAVEN. The high was immediate and intense. Head feels so heavy it's like someone's tipping it back to baptize you. I was so chill it felt like I was asleep the entire time. Great pain reliever. Hit it hard enough and you'll forget you even have a body. Amazing.”

  • “I don't know what some of the other reviewers are smoking, but it ain't Platinum OG. This stuff tastes & smells NOTHING like "diesel, coffee, or earthy"…the best description would be more like a slightly cedar-ish hops flavor, very clean on the inhale, easy on the lungs. The flowers are tight chysanthenum-like nuggets, with few leaves. Flower time is about 10 weeks, and it's a slow vegger, too.”

  • “By far the densest nugs I have ever encountered. They feel like rocks! Just a small nug ends up filling up your grinder a lot more than you would normally expect. Great high, not overly sedated like a typical heavy indica (like its offspring Platinum Bubba Kush). The high is somewhat social, so its great to kick back with your friends.”

  • “This has been my boyfriend's favorite strain lately & helps with his bi-polar. It smells good, looks amazing, & taste great.”