Platinum Purple Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Fantastically Great for chronic insomnia. I have a small, low-dose, joint before going to bed. Releases all the muscle knots and spasms from the day. Pain just melts away with this PPK. Definitely feel wobbly and relaxed after 15 mins. Also the time-shifty spacey-ness that helps my mind disengage, slow down, and get into the "Time For Some Serious Shut Eye" mode. Music sounds awesome with this - drifting into a c...”

  • “Takes a few extra minutes to take effect, but once it does, it is solid pain and anxiety relief that still allows me to be conscious enough to watch some tv, eat some dinner, and enjoy my family.”

  • “Got a half z of this for personal use despite the ridiculous 190 #. Was well worth it, the bud was completly purple with a platinum coating of white crystals staying true to its name. The amount of crystals were unreal,and was by far the most well grown purp ive ever come across. The smell was Purply with a little pine at the same time almost like a sweet earthy pine.The flavor was dominated by the piney/diesely kush...”

  • “Got this in wax form and let me tell you if you're a true indica fan this one is by far for you! Very good and definitely puts me in relaxation mode good if you have insomnia all hands down is great no negatives :) Recommended to all bud lovers 💚💛❤️”

  • “This absolutely knocked me on my ass. I was expecting to have a normal evening of relaxation, and the universe started to tear apart at the seams, and I couldn't stand up. I would highly recommend to anyone trying this for the first time, don't stack it on top of anything else, and be alone or with one person, because you will not be able to function for a couple of hours.”

  • “Favorite indica I've ever smoked. I was completely buzzed but totally lucid and able to focus on the plot of the Freaks & Geeks episodes I was watching. Really nice smell, pretty grapey. Not the prettiest weed. Great tasting smoke, easy down the hatch--kind of like LA Confidential, slightly cooling and a little sweet down the hatch. Very very fun. Even though it was a 100% indica, I could see myself hanging out...”

  • “This is my night night bud! Working graveyard shifts makes it hard to fall asleep during the day. This is perfect for a great sleep, and a little goes a long way :)”

  • “It's sooooo purple! I think I have found the perfect paranoia...makes me laugh...relaxes me...just f*ckin tremendous! Just wish it was available more.”