Pluto Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I don't know why there's such little reviews on such a great indica strain! This bud is probably one my top favorite indica bud out there. It gives me that cerebral high then is followed by an intense body high that i can feel flow through out my body. Plus, i can still function and do what it is i need to get done! An indica that sort of gives you that smooth but long lasting high without the stress of being couched...”

  • “A variety of Og kush. It is said that the farther away from the sun the stronger the stain is, well I don't really care if that's true because this is one of my favorite strains. Super strong effects that allow anyone to sleep easily and manage their pain. Sleep is the best way to avoid the munchies.”

  • “One of my favourite indica strains. I love the sweet, berry-like flavour it has. It puts me in a good headspace, instantly crushing my depression and directing my thoughts to a calm place. I smoke it to help me sleep, eat and calm down. It helps me feel better when I'm unwell. It also helps with my pain, giving a great, tension-melting body high.”

  • “This bud will creep up on you and then BLAM!! your ass is down for the count”

  • “Really drowsy-sleepy high. Perfect for just hanging out watching movies, or a bedtime smoke. Hit almost instantly after exhale which is nice. Tastes fruity with a kushy brackground.”

  • “Whoever said this strain is harsh is correct. That's my only complaint. Will get you lit up though. Sitting here blazed as I type this. Stick to other planetary strains such as Neptune Saturn or Mercury OG. They are not as harsh and the nugs not as dense. These nugs are a little too dense for my liking. Peace and happy smoking.”

  • “Good strain for insomnia. Good flavor.”

  • “Has me sleepy sleepy sleeee (dozing off)... yeah has me sleepy slee (dozes again)... sleepy sleepy sleepy”