Pot of Gold Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Hands down, POG is my #1 MUST HAVE herb in the Medicine Cabinet. It is very good for rapidly relieving pain, but my top use is for IMMEDIATELY DEFUSING INTERNAL STRESS/POTENTIAL PSYCHOTIC EPISODES. 2 tokes will take you from "OMG!! The sky is falling!!!" to *puff* "What's happening?...*puff* Yes, let's handle this." Titrate gingerly as hitting it too hard may relax you beyond the point of being able to focus on...”

  • “Gives you a very pleasant and unique body high. Makes you feel relaxed, tingly, and very light. This strain takes your mind off of pain. It's uplifting too so it helps w/ depression. Also great for if you have sleep problems. Doesn't make you too tired but helps you get a great nights sleep. I wake up feeling great the next day and ready to go. Only downside is you might eat all of your food.”

  • “Big chunky nuggets all over with a dangerously potent smell, especially once dried and jarred or bagged up. Hits hard and fast, but also increases as the minutes pass. Definitely a night time smoke. Leaves you feeling damn high but unable to get off the couch. Smells and tastes like hashy/sweet juicy skunkyness. I'm completely sizzled off one bong and it took me prolly 20 minutes to write this”

  • “Well today, I had encountered this Lucky Pot of Gold only by chance. I am glad it came my way. This bud was covered in long, orange hairs...it was nothing but a beautiful sight. when broken open, you could see so may crystals inside it was insane. Smells of light fruity undertones and that musky smell of potent bud. Smoked a few boles and some bubblers and it instantly took effect. At first, this strain made me somew...”

  • “a nice all-purpose indica great for daily use, morning or night.”

  • “Nice strain especially after a busy day very nice unwind bud. At the moment it's 9pm cst on a Friday night and I have no desire to move, and know that I will not be moving for rest of night lol, but not sleepy. Smokes nice not a choker strain so far consumed in blunt so haven't really got the taste yet but probably will update this later from different devices :) ,and from what I can tell thus far about 45min in the ...”

  • “This is a very chill strain. Doesn't look like the chronic- don't expect a ton of trichomes, but it is very dense and dank-smelling. Your classic indica, this weed creeps up on you, and before you know it, bam, you're blazed and just laughing at stuff on the couch. Good weed, not a lot of special characteristics.”

  • “This is one of the best strains I've found for my condition. It's especially good at limiting muscle spasms and uplifting my mood!”