Power Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “If you are a medical patient or a recreational user that utilizes Cannabis for it's medical benefits, Power Kush is very much, VERY MUCH, like taking a Soma 350 mg tablet. This is a great strain if you suffer from muscle (back) spasms, need a good night sleep but dislike taking pills to fall asleep, had a stressful day and just want to go home, sit in your chair, blaze, then pass out, this girl will do it. Power Kush...”

  • “Nice body high, hard to concentrate though. Hence the short review :)”

  • “I have got to say this is in my top 3 favorite strains for pain management.”

  • “Afghani x Skunk#1 X Afghani x Skunk#1 50/50 Hybrid The Power Kush I am familiar with is a VERY FROSTY and POTENT strain. Smells wonderful. Something like a sweet sugary skunk. The smell very much reminds me of "Fruity Pebbles" cereal, but with some skunk funk. The taste is very similar but not quite as pronounced. The high is great. A very well rounded Hybrid. Good for day or night. Power Kush is warm and...”

  • “This buds gonna get you frisky. Nice for sitting outside. I would recommend this bud for the afternoon. When I used this bud I took 3 hits from my vape. Its going to be a euphoric type high with no paranoia.”

  • “It is great for pain. It has a sweet smell and it tastes good..:}”

  • “powerfull and pretty amazing seriously 10/10”

  • “grait strain! to black metaler, listen to Saor!!! great view over great landscapes with this musik. enoy hails”