Pre-98 Bubba Kush Reviews

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  • “Okay so I've gotta give some background to my review: I've been smoking pretty regularly for four years, and I've tried many different medical strains for my anxiety/body pains. But lately I've been having some new issues with MJ that I've never had before... so this strain was a pleasant surprise. I don't know if my body and hormones are just changing or what, but lately I've become a one-hit wonder and very sensiti...”

  • “The pre-1998 strain of Bubba Kush has always been on my personal top 5 list of favorite hybrids. Many of us that grew up in Southern California and during the 'Generation-Y' era feel a deep, personal connection to this strain as we smoked it in many of our early experiences with marijuana. These genetics first became widely available at some of the 1st medical dispensaries in LA during the 90's. Pre-98 Bubba Kush ...”

  • “unreal to actually taste and FEEL the difference. I am not sure what happened in '98 but I am glad that someone kept the original recipe ! Good Stuff !!!”

  • “One of the first things to consider about pre 98 is the bud structure itself. This is the type of bud you used to get back in the day, and before you smoked it you were thinking the dealer stiffed you with these small popcorn buds. Some things never change. I keep reading reviews with the same complaint. Let me explain that this is how pre 98 bubba, and a lot of good kush strains, should look. This is because the ...”

  • “One of THE BEST strains for nausea, G.I. disorders, insomnia etc. It's hard to find the original "coffee bean" scented kind, but mosylt strains with close lineage will do the trick”

  • “Fifty year old weed virgin here. As usual I was in a hurry so smoked a good half inch off a tight joint in short order. First came the forehead tightness, then heavy head, then heavy all over and unsteady. It reminded me of hash plant in its narcotic effect. About an hour in I got mondo munchies. It was overwhelming in strength. Hit the libido too. And there was a psychoactive side as well. If I closed my eyes my ima...”

  • “Throw away the sleeping pills Throw away the muscle relaxants. Smoke Pre-98 Bubba Kush Peace be with you brothers and sisters.”

  • “Honestly, this was a very nice strain (would have given it a 4.5 if I could have.) I'll describe it to you from start to finish. Smell (unburned flower): When you first pull it out it has an almost citrus scent on it. It smells more like a nice hop used in an IPA (India Pale Ale) than the traditional skunk smell. Sight: Light orange hairs spindling throughout as well as shades of green ranging from dark to an a...”