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Never tried this strain before and I'm smoking it right now. first off this is some of the loudest weed I've ever smelled, dealer came thru and I instantly smelled the weed on him from 5 feet away. it gives off a earthy, sweet, and spicy smell, the bud is very dense with alot of crystals and vibrant colour. and second this makes you feel relaxed af with a little couchlock too but not enough to where you couldn't get up easily and go on a walk or something and it also makes food taste great which I love, I've never smoked a strain that gave a taste like this when eating food! the way the food seems to melt in my mouth making me even more relaxed and kinda sleepy at this point it givesl off a little more of a body than a head high, I feel pretty calm in a happy way also.... I've just smoked for another 10 mins so here's a little quick story: I try to keep the smell down in my room using blunt power (weed smell spray) that was in my pocket because my people don't know I smoke so me being me I pull out my lighter instead and start igniting it everywhere thinking I was using my blunt power 😂😂 this sure will someday be a conversation starter!! feel very calm now calmer than the last 5 strains I've smoked and a very relaxed, very sleepy, and kinda stuck to the couch now as couch lock has taken over a little more you will only need about 3 or 4 hits to help you fall asleep and I'm on my 9th or 10th at the moment. Now, I'm more of a sativa type guy but this presidential has almost made me chose indica over sativa for once. me being in an "illegal" state it's hard to find a certain strain, but my ex coworker at subway is my plug him and his buddy go to calorodo and Cali bringing back 40-90 pounds pretending they are a delivery truck I think he said it had something to do with a fake animal or egg cantainer semi-truck bringing back each 4 pounds different strains pretty smart idea! 🤔 he earned over 300$ just today I got paid for working 2 weeks at subway today and my paycheck was 138.68 🤦‍♂️ SOOO BACK on topic, my bad I'm high off this weed that is one of the best indica strains I've ever smoked it really makes smoking alone almost as fun as with someone but more relaxed, once again I use relaxed because that's just really how it is!!! also it burns smooth af out of my pipe very smooth, dry mouth does kick in a little but I'm Inside rn so it's not that bad you can take big hits from this without coughing easily and any slight head pain I felt has gone completely and better considering I've been awake for 20 hours, 3 of sleep, then 45 before that and I've been on a tolerance break for 4 days, if I fell asleep now I'd probably get one of the best night sleeps I've ever had and possibly sleep for 15+ Hours -Head high 40% -Body high 60% Very tingly and feeling my happy and relaxed emotions are mixing in a way making the high better and more euphoric. leafly is very accurate on the effects. ...So it's the next day now and I just woke up I don't remember falling asleep... all I remember is hitting my bed and then I was out, definitely for nighttime use I slept 1AM-2PM the next day 13 hours on accident. had a better High, and sleep from this strain than Purple OG. If you want some bud that will put you to sleep easy this is the one for you. I will continue to smoke this and get way more stoned thanks for reading bros and leave a thumbs to let me know how I did with my 1st review on leafly up, or, down... I wanna know. (This review is based off the effects It gave me personally. the effects can vary for anyone)
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