Primus Reviews

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  • “A true indica triple threat! This strain should be experienced by all! Or at least indica lovers!!The lineage is complex yet elegant as leafly states. Heavy on all the indica markers-body,mind,mood,and oh the hunger! Goes the distance 3-3(1/3) Hrs respectively, heavy finish, may cause napping haha. Flavors-Pine,Skunk,Lemon Bars Tender's notes-Keep the tasty beverage on hand! Dry mouth is almost certainly on the w...”

  • “I am in love with this weed. I've been smoking it all day. I was smoking white widow the past 2 weeks and honestly, this stuff tops it! Here is my experience with it, read if you're curious about the smoking of this fine strain. You feel happy immediately, the high takes a few moments to really kick in though. The high is amazing. My face is tingling and my entire body feels a strong pulsing and massaging feeling. ...”

  • “Best Strain in the Market of WA for sure! We have been to many shops, tried many farms, and as many strains as we can, all around WA and OR. Primus OG is the best weed in the state hands down. I believe our first experience was from Ocean Greens at a whopping 31%. We couldn't pass, and I'm glad we didn't. Check it out, especially if you are a fan of PRIMUS. Cause this shit SUCKS bad!!”

  • “Good strain, content feeling, relaxed, smokes fairly smooth, smells good.”

  • “After trying well over 50 different strains I have found Primus to be my favorite by a long shot!! I have had it from two different growers (Rainer Farms & Stillwater) and BOTH were top notch! It's a very happy, euphoric, relaxed, pain reliving, what anxiety?? Stay up and socialize or pass out type of high.. It's a very unique strain. (Every strain has different affects for different people, I prefer Indica dominate ...”

  • “This is one of my top favorites, great at the end of the day to chill with my girl And a movie. Real relaxing head to it. Rainier acres has it right with this one!!!”

  • “Correction to my last review. The phenotype of this strain grown by Sweetwater Farms is more like a hybrid, with a nice sativa leaning high and a relaxing indica comedown. Great stuff. one of my favorites.”

  • “The phenotypes I have sampled from Sweetwater Farms have been Sativa dominant. This is one of the best strains going in the Spokane area.”