Pure Afghan Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “As a first grow I killed this plant 3 times, still yielded an ounce. Tasty big earthy buds. Cashed my eyes, made me want to stuff my face and be productive. Everyone I've smoked up really enjoys the high.”

  • “Got this from a G.I. who was over there. It was kickass. Smell and taste wasn't too great, but great high...”

  • “If you are looking for your new favorite strain GET THIS. FOR REAL. YOU WILL BE MIND BLOWN. LITERALLY. You can't even describe the feeling it's so high and intense. & KEEP IN MIND; I am on pain killers DUE to RA. VERY HIGH tolerance. & this knocked me on my ass and I'm a stoner all day all night. take it from me. BEST WEED IN THE WORLD”

  • “Big tasty buds. Very earthy, heady, on top of the world shit. Makes you want smile, eat, and accomplish something. scrumdiddlyumptious.”

  • “Bedrobinol 17% THC < 1% CBD This strain makes me forget this issues of daily life and allows me to breathe again literally. It makes me calm and relaxed while, focusing on daily tasks. It also helps with pain and stomach issues from fi·bro·my·al·gia”

  • “Superb bud. The high doesn't end for a while, its an all day high.”

  • “Absolute favorite strain from the awesome team at Oregrown! Relaxing, great for headaches, long lasting couch lock high.”

  • “I also got this from Oregrown. Best flower I have ever had.”