Purple Berry Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Very potent with tons of THC trichomes on the outside, and almost smells like chocolate. Even though it's labeled as an indica it still has a little bit of a head high. I can still function off of it as well, but this is best right before bed. Helps me exceptionally with insomnia and stress, and any soreness or pain is gone after a few seconds. A fantastic choice to watch a movie with. One of my new favorite strains,...”

  • “Super dank love the combo, after another 4 grams I'm proud of this strain and all it does. smokes good and tastes good with some harshness, really overpowering and strong body buzz with head high that's pretty potent too. I appreciate GDPs phenotypes”

  • “I don't often go into local dispensaries here in Washington State as my designated provider usually gives me plenty of cannabis and a good selection of strain at that. With that said, every once in a while I'll visit an establishment to pickup a few grams of 2-4 strains to add to my medicine cabinet to keep a good variety on hand. This was one of those strains that I had to have right when I saw it. Visually, this st...”

  • “awesome strain. I have zero clue as to why the description says that this strain is indica DOMINANT as if to say its a hybrid but that's false, this is ALL INDICA. There is zero sativa in this strain. its GDP x BLUEBERRY which by themselves alone make for strong indicas, crossing these together made 1 helluva strain that couldn't be more perfect for indica lovers like myself,,great for insomnia, great for pain and de...”

  • “"This is definitely a powerful indica, but without the heaviness or sedative effects typically associated with indicas. The bud tastes and smells amazing. Definitely recommend rolling up a few to get the true experience of Purple Berry." - Me "Definitely not a couch-locked strain." - Brother "I'm just really stoned." - Friend”

  • “Love this strain, very strong indica leaves me stuck to my couch”

  • “Nice blueberry structure with tint of purple leaves. Heavy on the eyes relaxing on the muscles. Great night time relief with wonderful fruit aroma.”

  • “Hybrid Strain. Indica-dominant. Cross between GDP x Blueberry. Very strong strain. Frosty green nugs with hint of purple. And reddish orange hairs. High in potency!”