Purple Bubba Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “One of the best come ons ever! Potent, fun, and intense (not for beginners), fortunately Bubba brings a strong streak of confidence that makes you feel totally badass despite the world blowing up around you. Normally, I’d hesitate recommending heavy/intense strains like this for socializing, but it actually made talking and joking around super fun and easy. Music is utterly transcendent! It’s unbelievably smooth and ...”

  • “Purple bubba combines everything I love about two of my favorite Indicas. The deep purple buds are dense and covered in beautiful dusty white trichomes. The flavor reminds me more of the bubba kush fruity and smooth with a hint of pine or spice on the exhale. This strain is amazing before bed and is a knock out for pain especially digestive pain”

  • “De las mejores que he probado. Pocas indicas comos esta. Te pone muuuuuy high y muy seco.”

  • “PB, then a hot shower.....BAM! headache eradicated!”

  • “Thankful I got my hands on this new grow of Bubba. It's a top tier indica body high as expected. It has large frosty leaves that burn slow and smoke very well, leaving a purp/bubba kush/berry taste on the (smooth) exhale. It is mellow in the head while offering some nice psychedelic effects almost like purple haze. It's one of the nicest feeling body highs out there, gives you intense munchies and at night you can ex...”

  • “Purple hairs everywhere. Purple bubba is a great smoke. Smooth, great taste, and pungent aroma. Sometimes too pretty to burn, Bubba is a excellent choice for after work activities.”

  • “Great night time strain. A little dry when I bought it, but very relaxing high.”

  • “This batch was awful, smelled like lawn clippings and was stringier than a truck stop crack ho.”