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Purple Buddha Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “On top of smelling delicious and looking gorgeous this bud gives you an intense body high. I'm a bigger fan of indicas than most everyone I know. However I would recommend this to anyone. For most people it would be a perfect night time/ relaxation tool. However if you are into meditation or yoga, or anything like that, this purple Buddha is the perfect accessory (and this has nothing to do with the name). How we...”

  • “Vaporized this...We gave this a try expecting it to make us sofa glue. Well, it did! The first effects were some euphoria, skin tingling, and a nice sense of comfort or relaxation. It didn't take much longer for us to realize that we were pretty much stuck to our seats watching BBC's Blue Planet on blu-ray. When I say "sofa glue" and "stuck to our seats" I really mean it. Like most weed, you also get the...”

  • “A connoisseur's blend for deep psychonautical exploration. Smoke at night and get ready to discover new worlds. Keep a notebook beside you to write about your travels. This strain is a thinking-man/woman's dream. Big, full-body experience that lasts. It has an easy take off and landing. It's great for thinking, not so great for executing on anything requiring a lot of movement. If you have the chance to pick some...”

  • “This strain makes up part the medical marijuana strain called Flavica, along with Girl Scout Cookies. So I'm actually rating Flavica, which is an excellent indica that can be smoked during the day. Nice euphoric buzz Got some stuff done. Good munchies!”

  • “LOVE IT! This was amazing for my joint pain. Got me proper stoned, kinda giggly and couch locked. I truly hope this is still at the shop on Saturday cause I want more. If you have the chance please try it.”

  • “Acabo de fumar el equivalente a una pastillita de Tic-Tac. El humo fue suave pero no resartó ningún sabor, o no uno que me llamara la atención. Inmediatamente sentí el golpe en mi cabeza, que se puso liviana y clara. Luego de que la hierba se tomó sus minutos, el portazo inicial se alivianó y comencé a entrar en un estado de relajación muy intenso, combinado con una suerte de pesadez en el pensamiento, por lo que es...”

  • “I was fortunate enough to find this strain in cartridge form. I vaporized and true to its description, you will feel relaxed, euphoric, and couch lock. Perfect relaxation strain”

  • “Heavy duty flowers! Literally two hit, and quit. Very euphoric, relaxing , potent. Great looking, great tasting. If you get consistent Pub , you'll know it. Second most powerful herb I've ever lit! Maine Grown. And Maine Smoked.”