Purple Bush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Flower Report: Beyond DENSE Buds Doesn't smell like Weed Bro, Smells Sweet like Fruit Grinder Breakup inexplicably turns into Moon Dust ??? Greens Inhale is a "All grows up"/Big Boy Pants/Don't Die Powerful Thick Circus Tricks amount of smoke obvious to me, dry, super smokey thick, Indica hit Another magic trick is how quickly it burns grrrrr It starts out like concrete, it grinds to dust, then it burns too q...”

  • “Very DENSE buds Light green Frosty Not actually purple lol Woody and skunky smelling Awesome”

  • “really intense very chill sedating qualities,, nagical components should try for sure”

  • “great strain couldnt ask for more snoop always did know his green and this shows it will but and recommend to everyone I know taste is amazing with a dense bud sweet smell and amazing high keep up the good work”

  • “This is a next-level weed experience for any smoker. Get this. Seriously, GET THIS! One gram can go a while. Very impressed. Getting more tomorrow.”

  • “Maybe I got an older round of this but it wasn't super impressive. It was a decent tasting mediocre effecting strain for me. It's a light feeling indicia dominate that was Mildly relaxing.”

  • “awesome, and it's by Snoop...”